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14 Mar



Stuart Fingerhut

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Stu is both driven and creative in his professional and personal life (he created this website).  Everything he does is with a sense of purpose, and he likes to engage in multiple projects at one time.  I never met anyone who is able to successfully multi-task the way Stu can.  His motivational level to succeed at anything he puts is mind to is off the charts, which is reflected by his success in life such as in his running (he segued his way into running ultras very quickly), and jump-starting his own companies and projects.

I have witnessed first hand Stu’s determined nature as one day my friends and I were hiking up Echo Mountain (on average it takes about an hour to hike up the mountain and 45 minutes or so to hike back down) and we ran into Stu who was carrying a 10 pound weight with him running (not hiking, but running) up and down the mountain four times!

His explanation was that he was training for an ultra and that he enjoyed what he considered a practice run.  A practice run using a 10 pound weight running up and down the mountain four times?  For the average person it sounds inconceivable but that’s normal for Stu.

Age:  36

Education:  I studied Marketing at Penn State University and Environmental Design at Art Center College of Design.

Stu’s creation called Creme Isole

Hobbies:  Design, music, coffee, ultrarunning, cycling, pugs, travel, China, Japan, UK

What did you want to be growing up?  Pharmaceutical Salesperson /sarcasm/

What were your past jobs:  I started working at a bike shop at 15. While attending PSU I was offered a position as an international tech rep for a bicycle company in Southern California.  After 3 years with them I moved on to the position of brand manager for an action sports apparel company.  During this time I launched a genre defining music website, a radio show, record label and monthly club night in Los Angeles.

After 5 years at the apparel company I returned to school and midway through began freelancing with an architecture studio.  After finishing Art Center I worked with creative agencies and took a creative position with a national mall developer.  All these experiences led me to where I am today.

What is your current job and what projects are you working on:  I launched an Experiential Marketing and Design firm last summer and we’re currently working on projects for automotive and technology companies and mall developers.

Stu's colorful creations

Creme Isole

Why did you decide to launch an Experimental Marketing and Design firm?  I’ve always been hyped by the overlap of marketing and design and it’s what I’ve been doing for over a decade in some capacity. The push to launch a firm came from having a real passion and point-of-view on how to engage, excite and connect with an audience.  I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to share my expertise on a wide range off projects across exciting industries.

What is it that you do on a daily basis?  A majority of my time is spent speaking or meeting with people to learn about their brands, share ideas and discuss project opportunities.  After that the production work comes into play to develop proposals that meet (and exceed!) the company’s goals.

What is your passion in life?  I’ve had several passions so far – bicycles > fashion > music > architecture + furniture + lighting design… we’ll see what comes next.  I’ve just kind of migrated to where my interests lie and followed with a rigor and obsession few would find healthy.

Anything else left on your bucket list career-wise?  Astronaut

Was there one job you always wanted to try but believe is out of reach?  After everything I been through and achieved I really don’t believe anything is out of reach if you’re willing to commit to it fully. Be a doer!


KINEMA lights created by Stu

Do you have any career advice?  Be fearless, persistent, and don’t take things personal. There’s so much opportunity out there, but you gotta take the initiative.

What are your websites that people can check out:,, and

Also, check out and


Favorite quotes:

The only thing that was great about working out of the house was I had this mirror and every day when I couldn’t close business and there wasn’t enough there, I said, “somebody bought an SEO service today.  They just didn’t buy it from you.”

I knew I was good at what I did so it wasn’t like, “oh, am I not good enough?”   I knew what I was doing.  That’s the beauty of being at home. I can go in my bathroom every morning and brush my teeth and say, “you haven’t sold anything in fricking three weeks and it’s because somebody else bought something from someone other than you so get your ass back out there.”

– Wil Reynolds of SEER Interactive


  1. Thanks Stu for a wonderful interview! You rock!

  2. No, thank you Mars for the opportunity. Wishing you much success with RB!

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