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Featuring the stories behind the careers of individuals, and discussing their career paths, inspirations, passions, hobbies – and anything else we wish to discuss!

Some individuals chose their careers based on knowing what they wanted to be as a child, some changed their careers multiple times before finding the right one, some found their careers by accident, and some are still soul-searching.

Whatever these individuals’ careers may be, the career paths they took are unique, inspiring, and for some of them full of twists and turns.

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Are You Having a Difficult Time Writing Your Own Resume?

Welcome to Resume Bar, where we cater to each individual resume.  We are a team of professionals who have extensive resume writing experience catering to all industries.   We specialize in and focus on creating great resumes and cover letters that are up to date with the industry standard!

We provide one-on-one consultation over the phone (or if you are shy, we can communicate through g-mail chat, e-mail or any other method of communication you are comfortable with) to learn more about your job descriptions and accomplishments at the position you hold or have previously held.

This way, we can truly understand your day-to-day job experience and be able to skillfully express that on your resume!

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Or Don’t Have a Resume At All?

If you do not have a current or former resume, do not worry!  Our team of resume professionals ranging from lawyers, MBA graduates to HR managers will work with you to go over your job history, schooling, and any other information you would like added to your resume.

We will work closely with you so that you have the resume you desire!  We do not provide snotty or up-tight resume services – we like to have fun, make you feel comfortable and get to know you so that we understand your job history that much more!

Our prices are also cheaper than the industry standard, with more customer service than you can ever ask for!

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How Resume Bar Works

It’s easy – you provide us with you current or old resume (if you have one), and we will get in contact with you to go over your job descriptions more in detail via phone, g-mail chat, e-mail communication, your choice! After the initial consultation we will create or revise your resume in 4 days (excluding weekends).

From there, there is a revision period to tweak your resume according to your liking. We are always available to help you (we will set up a time according to your work schedule such as evening hours or weekends)!

We will work with you to create a resume that you are satisfied with!

Our prices can’t be beaten with the one-on-one consulting services we provide and commitment to customer service!

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Importance of Resumes

Resumes are incredibly important – they are the first and necessary step in getting your foot in the door with the employer.   Employers sift through hundreds, if not thousands of resume a day to fulfill one position!

Resumes are usually tossed out for mistakes and formatting issues, and if your resume is full of mistakes, you will never be given the opportunity to meet the employer face-to-face.

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